Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy day! and "pay it forward" project

Today was a very good day for Matthew. He was the most vocal and happiest I've EVER seen him. So happy, infact, that I took numberous pictures and a cute little video of him. I'm so happy for him. He's just a happy little dude today. Here's some sweet pic's. Sorry there are so many. I probably took 50 or so :)

Today, Matthew also had a swallow study. See, a couple of months ago, he started refusing to take his bottle. And we've had some slight difficulties getting him to eat baby food. The baby food issue is starting to resolve itself, but man, he WILL NOT take a bottle. Not for anyone, no how. I wouldn't be concerned, but I do work part-time and that makes it hard for Steve to feed him while I'm gone (translate that to he brings all 4 kids to my job every 4 hours while I'm at work, ugh for him).
Matthew did really well with the test. He did not aspirate at all, and even though he still wouldn't take a bottle; he swallowed really well and I think as we work on it he'll do just fine. As for the bottle thing, my personal opinion is that he has figured out that we put gross things in his bottle and he doesn't want anything to do with it. I think he's gotten enough medicine in a bottle to know that it's not for him. But that's my personal opinion. I truly think it's a sign of his cognitive ability. Maybe, just for once, this is something that he's doing that is 'typical'. And by that I mean that typical developing kids refuse bottles all the time, this may not be a sign of something bad. He just knows what he wants and thats momma!

On to the second part of my day. I've been wanting a new 'do' for a long time. I've also been contemplating how I'm going to 'pay it forward' with the contest that I won on Kristen's blog. Then I read a great post on Lisa's blog about locks of love. And it all came together. I was pretty sure my hair was long enough to donate, and it sure was. Kristen, I hope this counts! I'm hoping it will. And I had a great time getting a new haircut! And, I really love it, too! Here's some before and after pics.

Here's the before:



the after.....

The good news is that I have a huge pony tail that will be mailed off to Locks of Love and can be put to use in making a wig for a child.

And now; without further waiting, here is the cute video of Matthew. Pay no attention to the poor videagraphy and the annoying mommy voice on the camera. Just look at my sweetheart!The big red thing behind us is his therapy mat propped up against the chair, just in case your wonderin'.


Sherri said...

The photos of Matthew are just adorable! I just want to eat him up!!! And your hair is gorgeous! Your beautiful face looks even more beautiful :)
Glad you had a wonderful day, hope tomorrow is just as great!

Lisa said...

Your hair is perfect!!!!!!! I am so happy that you were able to donate it? Doesn't it just feel GREAT!

And Matthew sounds wonderful. I relate to you and Matthew so much with all that we go through with Elisabeth. I feel like our two have a lot in common.

And about snapping all the pictures....I totally get it. Whenever Elisabeth happens to be in one of her 'on' moods I start snapping away....because I never know when it'll happen again :)

Thanks for your sweet comment today. It made me smile!

Sherri said...

What a great video! I love how he didn't want you to say good-bye in the middle of the video :) I think I could have watched him all day, too!

Connie said...

So happy that Matthew had a good day. And I just love your new hairdo too. What do the kids think of it?

Kristen said...

Listen to Matthew talk! Oh he's so sweet! Cayman watched and she kept smiling. I think she fell in love all over again!

Your Pay It Forward is amazing!! What a great feeling it is to donate your hair! I did it a few years ago. And I love your new 'do. It really compliments your pretty face. Does Steve like it?

Kim said...

Love the new hair cut!! Glad Matthew was so happy for you. I am glad to hear it when he has more and more good days.

Anonymous said...

What a cute video of Matthew!!! Baby talk is so fun! :o)

Love your new haircut. Wanted to tell you so at church on Sabbath, but only saw you across the Sanctuary.

I also did Locks of Love (in December). I sent in a 10.5" ponytail. I just got a lovely thankyou postcard from them yesterday. It was fun to donate to them...something I've always wanted to do!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jill

Love the new hair do. It looks great on you. Have a great weekend.

Jody Novak

Anonymous said...

Steve and Jill: I haven't looked at your blog for awhile now, so tonight I read and am now updated. First of all, congratulations on the decision to start your own business, Steve. We wish you all the best! So glad to hear that our little Matthew is feeling better, happy and growing. Sometimes babies who nurse find the bottle a very unwelcome change. I'm thinking he will gradually come around to your way of thinking. It is hard and touching to read your story about Jan. 17, 2008. Wish I could have been there to just hold you. Little Matthew is truly a blessing. He holds a special place in our hearts. Love you, Aunt Delores