Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We're glad to be home, that's for sure!! Monday, I didn't update, but it was a pretty uneventful day. They drew some blood (got it in the first poke, thank you Diane the lab tech!), and the hospitalist and residents rounded. This time around we had really great residents, no troubles in that area!! We basically worked on feedings on Monday. Matthew literally slept all day. I would rouse him to eat, he would oblige and then fall asleep again. Crazy boy, he was pooped! Then in the evening the neurologist came to see him. My blogger friend Sheri, has given this Doctor his very own blogger name, which is Dr. Blank(pun intended), and we have both had experiences with him. And as luck would have it, Dr. Blank came on call for this week. I've since talked with Matthew about checking the call schedule of neurologists before he decides to get sick. :)
Dr. Blank, took a very long history, which he did not even SLIGHTLY remember us from before, and after much contemplation at the nurses desk with the 2 neuro. residents he brought in, he agreed that he didn't know what these movements were either and we weren't going to do anything different. He also didn't know why one of the blood tests (previously ordered by a different pediatric neurologist over the weekend) was elevated, but thought it best to repeat it in the morning. What an earth shattering experience!! (Ooh, I'm feeling a bit of sarcasm, yikes, on to a new topic).
Monday night he awoke on his own to feed and Tuesday morning they pulled the NG-tube from his nose. We were happy about that. I talked via phone with Matthew's pediatric-neurologist in Minnesota around lunch and he decided that since this activity was not seizure that it would be best to continue on our plan of reducing the phenobarbital, since we had seen such positive signs of him wanting to interact once we had decreased it. He thinks these 'events' (eye blinking and muscle twitching) may go away once he feels better. I want to tell you how much we LOVE Matthew's neurologist in Minnesota!!! I wish he were closer!
By afternoon, we had gotten more blood (on the first poke, again thanks to the same lab girl) and had gotten clearance to go home. And I was ready! Our bags were packed and we were out the door, faster than you can say!
On the docket for today; 1) clean my house. My wonderful hubby is not so talented in this area, so not much has been done while we were gone. I'm scared what I'm going to find in the kitchen.
2)Take down the Christmas tree (been up way too long)
3) Dr. appointment at 1 pm with the pedi. endocrinologist. I'm sure more blood work.
4) Therapy for Matthew today in the afternoon! We've been off for a couple of weeks for the holiday and we need to get working again! We have milestones to meet, ya know!
5) A good rousing game of Wii fit in the evening. Guess what I got for Christmas???


Sherri said...

I'm so glad you are home. I was very worried about Matthew! Ahh. The adventures of Dr. Blank. Well, it sounds like a slightly better experience than last time. Have fun cleaning and snuggling today!! Call me some time when things slow down :)

Kristen said...

I haven't been on the internet much lately so I had some catching up to do on your updates. Wow, it's been long days for you. I'm glad you're home now. There's just no place like home. Tell Matthew we love him and are praying for him.

Michelle said...

There's no place like home...there's no place like home...

So did they ever say why it was that the little guy was out of it for a few days?