Sunday, January 11, 2009

My first blog contest

Okay, time for all of you to participate in my first (maybe only??) contest. Steve is very seriously working on starting his own mechanic shop. He has a building and is working on getting everything lined up. But in order to take the next step, his business needs a name. We don't want the generic 'Steve's auto shop' or 'Soldatke auto repair', but we can't get our creative juices flowing. So this is where you all come in. We want you to try to name Steve's shop. Leave your 'shop name' in the comments section (if you use the anonymous option, make sure you sign your name)and if you win, there is a prize!! If you're local, it equals a free oil change in Steve's shop. If you're not, we'll make sure you get the equivilent in your area. So go ahead and get creative!!! Contest ends Tuesday night.


Michelle said...

I think it should have to start with an "M" :-) Something like Magnificent Mechanics or the like to keep up with your naming theme!

Lisa said...

Oh what fun!

How about.....hmmmm.....(I am going to think about this for a little while and get back to you)

Kim said...



Integrity Auto Service or 4M's Integrity Auto Service

I like the 4M's idea. Happy name hunting.

Kristen said...

Oh, I can't think, I can't think!! I'm going to give it some more thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve that's great that you have the shop and getting your things together! Here is a few more names to add to your list:

Mr. Mechanic
The Auto Mechanic
The 4M Auto Shop or 4M Auto Shop
Auto Shop Service
One Man and A Shop (like 2 men and a truck)

Hope this helps. Good luck with naming your business. It has to be something catchy so people remember your businesses name.

Jeff ,Cindy, Megan and Christian

Anonymous said...

I have another name for your shop, Steve

how about Auto Doctor or The Auto Doctor?

Jeff, Cindy, Megan and Christian

The Donald said...

Quadems Auto Repair

I am sure you can figure it out on your own, but I was going with quad for the 4 M names of your kids, and the 'ems' is for the letter 'M'.

Oh, and this entry is for both Lisa and I, since she couldn't think of anything.

Good luck with the new shop!