Thursday, January 29, 2009

How did I go a week without blogging??

Hum?? I don't know. I guess we've been busy with the mundane. We had OT (occupational therapy) Tuesday, early development OT and speech therapy (we're working on bottle feeding) Wednesday, PT (physical therapy) Thursday and tomorrow we have speech therapy again. I also worked Monday, Wednesday and this evening. So really nothing new to document. Just lots of running around. I think I'm going to try to cut down on our outside therapies, especially since I feel like we're getting wonderful resources from our Early intervention therapists. Truly a Godsend. They come to our home, which is so nice. They are super knowledgeable and super nice too which helps. And Matthew is truly most comfortable with being in the home and he's worked with his OT since he was a tiny baby.(Not that he's not still tiny). So it just makes sense to simplify. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do it, but I'll get it done.

Matthew is still doing well, he's smiling alot more. Not quite as much as last Thursday, but still happy. He still WILL NOT take a bottle, no way, no how. He also is not thrilled about baby food. Grr. Super frustrating for me. I really get tired sometimes of struggling for EVERYTHING. Just once, it'd be nice if something would just come. The other big thing we're working on is head control. He essentially lost all of the control he had worked so hard on, when he got sick after Christmas. I really want that for him. Head control will expand so many options; like sitting in a bumbo, sitting in a highchair, bathing in a tub vs. have to order a bath chair. Speaking of bath chair, we're getting to order one for him, and it sure is cute. We're just submitting it to insurance.

Okay, now I'm rambling. Time for bed.


Lisa said...

I am so glad that you have another post up....I've missed seeing them.
And I have been thinking about Matthew and wondering how the spasms are? Do you still see them at all?

Kristen said...

I too am glad to see a new post from you. I've been thinking about you and your sweet family.

I'm very interested in seeing this bath chair you talk about it. I am needing something different for Cayman but not sure what to get.

Keesler Chaos said...

You forgot to mention his archery classes!