Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Night Update

Hey, it's Kristen posting for Jill again. I am glad that I had the urge to check my email one last time before I head to bed. I found a message in my inbox with Jill's latest update.

Words from Jill:

It's 10 pm here, so I don't know if Kristen will post it tomorrow (it's really 11pm for her). Matthew got moved from the PICU to the epilepsy unit. He is off oxygen and we have not seen any seizures. The epileptologist came in this evening and said his EEG isn't "clean", but it never has been. We know his brain is abnormal. They have halved one of the 4 new medications that he is on. We are going to try to not have him sedated but relatively few seizures. Matthew's attending epileptologist will be on tomorrow, so he will hopefully make the big changes. I think it will probably be baby steps, but I am excited for the changes. Matthew has been relatively awake tonight, smiling. He still is very congested and coughs a lot and struggles a bit to breathe, but being off oxygen is good. Not much new to report, but I think we'll have even more information tomorrow.


Kristen said...

You had to know, the night owl within me, has me still awake.

You, Matthew, and your whole family remain in my thoughts and prayers continuously. I feel more at peace knowing you are at Minnesota. In the past that has always been the better place when Matthew needed this kind of care. I'm praying that that is true for this time too.

Give Matthew a hug and kiss from us. Tell him we are rooting for him to get better.

Well, I am heading to bed now.

Melissa said...

Im soo glad the prayers are working. Keep your head held high. Hopefully you can get some good sleep. We will keep praying.


Sherri said...

Can not wait to hear what the Dr. says tomorrow. Jill- your attitude and perseverance through this has been a huge testimony!
I kinda like Kristen doing the updates, it's like have a 3 way conversation :)

Michelle said...

Just stopping in to see how you guys are doing. Thank you Kristen for relaying the messages, Matthew and Jill (and the whole Soldatke family of course) are on our mind constantly.