Sunday, November 22, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

Hi, it's Kristen again. I was only seconds away from shutting down my computer when I saw another email coming through...and it was none other than our faithful Jill. "Great timing Jill!"

Words from Jill:

Today was indeed, a quiet restful one. I slept most of the morning due to a headache that I couldn't shake. Matthew was not moved today, although he could have been; the neurologist on call is not a pediatric neurologist; so the bare minimum is done, which includes as few decisions as possible. They are holding our room upstairs and we will move as soon as the peds neurologist comes and sees us in the morning. This evening, I was able to go out for supper again. I met friends of my friend Carrie, and they took me out for some yummy indian food. We had a wonderful visit, and it's refreshing to get out of the hospital. They sent me with a nice care package and their well wishes (Thanks Tom and Mary!). We're looking forward to another weekend of small, positive steps in the right direction!

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