Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last night, Matthew had a pretty good night. He received another dose of medication to help with the inflammation in his airway and he slept very well until 3 am. At three, he was up and coughing; but he was much stronger and was able to cough and clear his airway, so they did not repeat the medication again. He was also weaned off of his oxygen last night. The doctors came through again today and said we could start feeding him again. He is tolerating that marvelously. Then the neurologist came through and I told him that we really hadn't seen any seizure activity and he was happy about that. His depakote level was low due to the fact that phenobarbital lowers the level of depokote in your blood system. He was going to increase the depakote, but since he was not having seizures, he decided it was fine for now. He still agrees we should go to Minnesota soon. However, he believes it will be better to set this up in a manner that we can take a commercial airplane rather than a transport. A transport is VERY expensive and it's better to get two plane tickets. I am okay with this as long as he is stable. If this happens, most likely we would leave with in a couple days of being dismissed from the hospital. While Matthew is seizure free at this time; he is very doped up on medications and not himself. It is a fine line of seizure control vs. sedation for Matthew. The "best of both worlds" be determined if we use constant EEG to help us. This care is not offered here. The closest place is Minnesota.

Around noon, the doctors decided it was okay for Matthew to leave the PICU and go to the regular floor. Yippee!! We are now upstairs on 4th (instead of 2nd) and it is so quiet. I didn't realize how noisy the PICU was. I had gotten used to it. The doctor on this floor said that she thinks it will be "another day or two" and we'll see how he's doing. I'm looking forward to having Matthew back home, seeing my kids, having our routine, and having my own bed!!

Please also continue to pray for Thomas. The doctors told his parents today that they don't think he will ever "wake up" but they are holding onto hope that God will perform a miracle.

We also met another little girls parents. Her name is Olivia and she quite breathing twice in Lincoln at the hospital due to complications of pneumonia. She is the same age as Matthew and she came in the same day as Matthew did. They still have many days to spend in the PICU.

It's hard to think of all these precious babies in the PICU fighting for there lives. It's a very visible reality of how fragile life is.


Hannon! said...

Look at Matthew moving up!! That's such great news!
Home sweet home - you two will be there shortly.

Sherri said...

Things sound like they are going much better! A quieter, cozier room will be great...but it's still not home :( Praying for you to get out of there soon and for everything to go perfectly as you make your way to Minnesota.

Hannon! said...

Oh my, I just refreshed my page and saw your update on Thomas and Olivia. I will pray for them as well.

Tyler said...

That is awesome news that Matthew is doing better and out of the PICU. He is a fighter!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

The Ritchey's said...

I wanted to tell you that my family and I have recently been following your story. My kids (Cade and Dylan) go to daycare at Roots and Wings and have enjoyed your children greatly. I pray for your family and especially Matthew. Your are such patient and unbelievably strong people. I could only hope to be as strong as you. I am happy to hear that Matthew is getting stronger and you are able to see "him" coming back. May you be home soon and have a safe trip to Minnesota. My family and I will continue to pray for you and yours. God Bless!
Dean, Heather, Cade and Dylan Ritchey

Echoes of Mercy said...

Yay, Matthew!! That's good news. :o) Continuing to pray that things keep moving in a positive direction. Here's hoping you can get home soon and have a safe trip to MN where they can hopefully get things going smoother again.

Praying for Thomas and Olivia as well.

What a day it will be when Jesus returns to take us HOME where there will be NO MORE sickness, pain or tears. Come soon, Lord Jesus!

Kristen said...

On days and weeks like it's been for you, I remember how hard it was to mentally take just one step at time when it felt like time was moving so slowly.

You, Matthew, and your whole family have not left my thoughts and prayers. You all must be missing each other terribly. I was praying for you all this morning and thinking about how little of quality time you and your family have had together in the last 2 months. I am praying that God finds it in His will for the Soldatke family to experience a LOT less drama.

And I will add Thomas and Olivia to my prayers as well.


Lisa said...

So glad that Matthew is doing well enough to leave the PICU!

I have been thinking of you often and will continue to hope and pray that Matthew can improve with each day.

Take care :)

Micah said...

Hi mom love you very much yeah he got moved up

Carla said...

so happy that Matthew is out of the PICU! Its nice to hear of this update:) Here's prayinging for a safe trip to MN soon:)