Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Carrier Pigeon's Update

Hi, it's Kristen. Without an update from Jill yesterday I began to worry that maybe Matthew had a set back and Jill felt too discouraged to write about it. OR maybe things are still looking good and Jill is just too busy getting ready to go home.

To end my whirlwind of worries, I decided to stop wondering and just give Jill a call to find out how things are.

Well, the news is, it's good and plans for Matthew's discharge tomorrow are still in effect!!


Tomorrow will be day 38 in the hospital for them! That is a really long time and it's no wonder that Jill's mind has already taken Matthew, hopped on that plane, and are resting back home. She is so ready to be there!

Please keep asking God to see these plans through.


Kristen said...

I'm so happy that the talk of home is just around the corner. One more tomorrow!

I know it stinks that we don't get to be together this weekend as we had planned but hey, we still have next June to look forward to! :)

Hannon! said...

No news is good news! I am so thrilled to hear you are going home and plans haven't changed. Continuing to pray that the plans remain the same.

Home sweet home!! Just think how sweet it's going to feel to be in your own bed!! I pray you have a safe trip home tomorrow.

Tyler said...

We have all been waiting for this day for a long time and I am sure you are ready to be home together as a family. I pray that everything goes smoothly tomorrow and you have a safe trip home.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Echoes of Mercy said...

HOME is waiting! Praying that you'll get to be reunited with Home and Family tomorrow as planned. How sweet that will be!!

Melanie said...

Praying that plans follow through.