Saturday, December 26, 2009

Update on Steve

Steve got out his heart cath at around 11 am. We have great news!! Steve has no blockage in his arteries. He got a clean bill of health. Steve has had pericarditis after a viral infection in the past(about three years ago, I think). This puts him at increased risk for this again. And Christmas Eve, he told me that his chest pain felt the same as it did before when he previously had pericarditis. But in the ER, when they drew blood, his cardiac enzymes were elevated; just barely elevated. Cardiac enzymes are a indicator of cadiac muscle damage. They were concerned because of his family history or heart problems that it would be good to investigate further. So, hence the reason for the heart cath.

When the doctor came and talked to us after the procedure he said his arteries were perfect, but that there was a little inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis). This is essentially the same as pericarditis, but with further involvement. And when you have myocarditis, you will "leak enzymes" in the blood. So hence the reason for the increased cardiac enzymes. His ejection fraction of his heart (that tells the strength of the hearts ability to pump blood) was minimally decreased but the doctor said that was due to the infection and when he has a checkup in a couple months, it will most likely be back to normal. Steve will go home today with a anti-inflammatory to take for 3 weeks. The hardest part for Steve will be the fact that he cannot lift more than 10 pounds for 5 days; which puts him out of work for 5 days. He is NOT happy about that. It takes a lot to make Steve sit still. But the fear of his artery opening back up and excessive bleeding from lifting too much weight scares him enough that he'll sit (or at least not lift more than 10 pounds) for 5 days. Maybe it will a blessing in disquise. This gives us 5 days as a family together.


Josephine said...

Well, I am sorry that he had to spend Christmas in the hospital, but I am glad to hear that he's home now. I hope he gets to really enjoy these days of rest with the family :)

Kristen said...

5 days at home as a family together...sounds good!! May it be a blessed time!!

Sherri said...

Thank God! I'm hoping you are all snuggled in at home together by now. Enjoy your time together :)
Love and prayers!

Lisa said...

Oh dear, I see that I am behind in reading you blog.

I am so sorry that you sweet family has had to deal with more medical issues. But I am glad that you are able to spend the week together because of it.

Here's to a healthy 2010!