Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things Are Looking Hopeful

Hi, it's Kristen, bringing you an update from Jill:

So...sorry for the lack of posting. The family was here for the weekend; and I barely cracked open the computer. We had a great time; but I was sad (and so were the kids) that we did not get to go home with them.

And...on another note; some of Matthew's friends must have been keeping up with the blog; and have also decided they would like to try out this hospital thing. Both of our friends Cayman and Owen are in the hospital. We're praying for both of you guys! And Matthew wanted you two to know that sitting in the hospital is not as fun as it sounds!! So hurry up kids and get better!!

After I posted on Wednesday; Matthew started waking up from surgery; and things weren't pretty for awhile. He had lots of swelling in his throat from surgery and had a hard time breathing for awhile. That night was pretty rough for him. Steve and the kids got in late; and daddy sure was sad to see his little guy struggling so hard. I think that always makes surgery so hard; to see them struggle to recover.

Thursday Matthew was still on oxygen from surgery; but breathing better. The pediatrician told us that we will not know for sure if the adenoids surgery was helpful until we are about 2 weeks post-op.
As a family, we were able to go out to eat at the same restaurant we've eaten the last two years we've been here; and had a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It was nice to get a bit of a break. We had an awesome nurse that day who only had Matthew to take care of, so she just sat in his room the whole time we were gone; and we didn't have to worry about being away from the hospital.

Friday we did our best to keep the kids busy. They played hospital Bingo in the morning and made a craft in the afternoon. Steve stayed with Matthew; and I had fun keeping the kids entertained. Matthew got off oxygen, but was still coughing and vomiting quite a bit.

Saturday my uncle who lives in here in MN and I took the kids to an indoor waterpark. That was tons of fun for them; and passed the day quickly. If you are ever in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area; I HIGHLY recommend the Waterpark of America (it next to the Mall of America) and it was the hugest thing I had ever seen!

Today the family took off for home :( and Matthew an I have settled back in our routine. Matthew is still having a hard time managing secretions; and frequently gags with them; but we at least know why he is retching with them. The pulmonologist says he has a very strong cough; but also a very VERY delicate gag reflex. So anytime he coughs any mucous; he ends of gagging and know the rest; I'll spare you the details.

Since not much can be done about a sensitive gag; the pediatrician and the pulmonologist are going to focus on trying to minimize his secretions by drying them up as much as possible. Matthew has also gained 5 pounds since admission. He is not retaining any fluid; so we are again wondering about calories. His jammies from home do not fit anymore and we have had to go up a size in diapers. I'm sure he is getting a few too many calories; and a dietitian will be joining us tomorrow to figure out an appropriate amount of calories for him. I've joked that this year Thanksgiving has been harder on Matthew's waist line than mine! He has a full fledged double chin and his legs have some chunk to them. The upper supports on his wheelchair are getting snug, too.

The pediatrician says that if all goes well; we may be able to go home over the next weekend; but Matthew always has his own ideas, and she reserves the right to change her mind.

It feels like we entered the hospital so long ago, with the vomiting blood issue; and have gone so many different directions with different problems; but now I am feeling hopeful about going home with a plan in place. They are not eager to send us home until he is well. Matthew sure is an difficult kid to figure out; and changes his mind about what his current problem is going to be. But he's a fighter, too! And God sure isn't finished showing us miracle through this little boy yet! We are so thankful!


Diane said...

I'm sure having time with the entire family was helpful. Recovery time stinks and its so hard seeing our little guys go through all that they do. But Matthew is a fighter and I pray that you will be headed home soon.

Keeslermom said...

Thanks for the update. I was beginning to worry!!

Lisa said...

All of Elisabeth's friends are in the hospital....:(

Take care....and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you do make it home next weekend (or sooner!)

Jane said...

Thank you so much for the update, I have been worried but feel much better now!! Still keeping Matthew and the whole family in my prayers!!!
Hope to see you all soon!!!

Anonymous said...


It's good to hear that things are looking up and that you and Matthew will be home soon! It's good to hear that Steve, Micah, Megan and Mason got to MN safely to spend Thanksgiving with you and Matthew. Continue praying that Matthew gets out of the hospital soon.

Jeff, Cindy, Megan & Christian

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it seems like you live in the hospital and can't even remember what being home is like :( We are praying for you to be on your way home soon with a great plan in place!Praying you are on the homestretch (literally) :) Hugs!

Cayman's Grandma S said...

So glad you had your family around for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to a post in the near future that says you and Matthew are headed home.