Thursday, May 8, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged for the 1st time!! How fun; I've become a little addicted to this blogging thing.

Kristen who I have met through a very cool connection of mothers with children who have hydrocephalus, tagged me. Anyone who needs a little inspiration needs to read her blog! She is an amazing person. If I can be half the mother she is, I will consider myself blessed!

  • What I was doing 10 years ago:
  1. In nursing school and just coming home from the hospital after having our 1st child, Micah, who was born May 5. Enjoying my summer off of school and my brand new baby. We also were preparing to move into my grandparents old farm house to be close to my parents.

  • 5 things on my list of things to do today (lets go tomorrow, it's already supper)
  1. Finish our last week of school (I homeschool our children-tomorrow's our last day)
  2. I've been approved to be "up and around" for up to 4 hours a day; so maybe sweep my wood floors and scrub the main bathroom.
  3. Make calls to coworkers and try to finish covering my hours at work- only 16 hours left to cover.
  4. Put my feet up and sit around (boring; and I hate it!!)
  5. Get my cell phone fixed and a battery for my laptop(on ebay, of course)

  • Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
  1. Pay off our remaining debt
  2. Build a bigger house; nothing extravegant, just bigger than our "cozy" little home.
  3. Get my husband started on his own business.
  4. Give to our church
  5. Give to my parents whatever they wanted, and help my brothers with whatever they wanted
  6. Put away for my kids college education
  7. Buy the new minivan that has a table and the 180 degree turn seats!
  8. Take my family on a great vacation
  9. Pay off my brothers college debt
  • Three of my bad habits
  1. I have a temper :(
  2. I am too serious
  3. I spend too much time on the computer
  • 5 places I have lived
  1. My parents home/farm that I grew up on: Parker, SD
  2. In our first very small apartment in a very small town of Monroe, SD- right after we got married
  3. 1 apartment in Sioux Falls SD for 1 year and then rented my grandparents old house back in Parker, sd for 1 year
  4. Hickman, Ne- Our first real house
  5. Lincoln, Ne- our current residence
  • Five jobs I've had
  1. My parents farm till I was 15
  2. Hilltop Nursing Home as a CNA
  3. Target
  4. Applebees
  5. My current position as a Labor and Delivery RN at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Lincoln- 9 years and counting
  • 5 people I want to know more about: that means you've been tagged
  1. My sister-in-law Kim
  2. Her mother Connie
  3. All my other blogger friends that I know of have been already tagged! Anyone else want to do it, that I don't know you have a blog? Go ahead and let me know you're out there!!


Sherri said...

I didn't know you were a homeschooler! I've considered doing it myself, but it sounds a little overwhelming. How are you feeling??

Kristen said...

Wow, you homeschool too?! What a busy mom you are! Your boys must be so wonderful and understanding as you've had to stay off your feet and still be there for them. I've been thinking about you a lot as your baby's birth is coming up real soon! Is the doctor doing a C-section delivery?