Friday, May 23, 2008

Today has been a bit better!

I have told many of my patients that having a babyin the NICU is an emotional roller coaster, you'll have good days and bad days. Well, now I know it's true, we're living it!

Steve and I went to see Matthew this morning and they were just changing nurses over. His new nurse, Brandie, took one look at his IV and said it needed to be replaced because it had blown. Poor little buddy! But she got it in one stick and it looks much better than the previous one he had. The neonatologist ordered a eye exam and the doctor came up to do that around 8am. We went back to our room and ordered breakfast. I was so exhausted, (i think I only got 4 hours of sleep) that I fell back asleep while Steve went and snuggled Matthew in the NICU. You would think we were first time parents as much as we go hold him! We just can't get enough! I woke up around 10 and we spent till noon snuggling with him. He had to go to his MRI then. The nurse gave him some medication to sedate him and he was off to have the MRI and then his xrays done.

They called us around 2pm to tell us he was back to his room. When we got back he was hopping mad!!! I had never seen him move so much. The nurse said that the medicine to sedate him didn't really sedate him much. I took him in my arms and he started rooting around. I was SO excited. He hasn't done that EVER!! Well, I tried to get him to eat, but that just made him even madder! He did suck on my finger for awhile; which is progress and then promptly fell asleep! Lactation also came to see us and gave me some helpfull hints for the weekend as we'll have no lactation help this weekend.

Social work also visited us and they will set up our therapy services in Lincoln once we go home. The patient care coordinator also visited with us and is starting to get things set up for us as far as follow up appointments go.

We're just waiting on Matthew to make up his mind and eat. That is all that is keeping us from going home. All his big tests are done. We're so thankful. Feeding wise, they may put a tube in that goes in his nose and down into his stomach so we can give him some of the milk I've been pumping, until he makes up his mind to eat. That will also help us by getting his IV out; because right now, all his nutrition comes from his IV.

We're just getting ready to eat supper and then go spend the evening with our little man. They will discharge me from the hospital tomorrow and then we will go over to the Rainbow house. This is a place we can stay that is close to the hospital, and not have to drive to and from Lincoln everyday. I will still probably spend most of my day at the hospital, but this will give me a place to lay my head.

Thank you to everyone who is praying for our family. Please know that each one of you is special to us! We are so thankful to have all the wonderful support from our family and friends. We couldn't do it without you!!!


Sherri said...

Good to hear that today was better. Have fun at the Rainbow House! Joe and I actually enjoyed our time there. It was kind of like a little honeymoon. No kids, no cooking...well I guess the whole getting up in the middle of the night to pump thing wasn't very honeymoon-like, but it was still a nice relaxing place to return to! We'll be praying for Matthew to Eat!!

Kristen said...

Matthew must be such a strong little fighter that even sedation medicine won't get him down! I'm praying so hard that he will start eating BIG TIME for you...and not just feeding but specifically NURSING. This pumping around the clock is a pain, but us Mama will do whatever we have to for our babies. :o)

Connie said...

Thought you would like to know that Susan has been praying for you all way over in PNG. She only has dial up internet so I've been sending parts of your blog to her via email. We'll be praying too that baby chooses to eat real soon. Happy Sabbath to you all.

Kristen said...

Just stopping by to say I was thinking about you all! Lots of love and prayers to you from our home!