Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Micah's 10 !!

Micah is now in double digits. He turned 10 yesterday. He's my Cinco de Mayo baby! He loves that he was born on a holiday, and this year as we studied Japan in school, he also learned that it's Childrens' Day in Japan on May 5th.

Our family tradition is to go to the restuarant of the birthday person's choice; the kids almost always choose Applebee's. We went out for supper and had a great Dairy Queen cake for dessert when we got home. (i figured eating out is kinda close to bedrest, right??? Shh...don't tell anyone!)

4th grade picture

Micah's birthday cake he picked out

Enjoying his dessert at Applebees

Getting ready to sing happy birthday and eat some cake!!

May 5th: just born! Don't we look young!!

4 months old! Enjoying a warm summer day outside

1 Year Old!

More pic's to come as I dig them out of the closet!


Sherri said...

How fun! Can't wait to see more photos :)

Kristen said...

my mom's birthday is cinco de mayo also! And we always get the Dairy Queen cakes too! They are the best! Happy Birthday to Micah! And yay for the double digit ages! :o)