Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today's visits

Today has been the day of doctor visits. I'm going to just give a quick update on today's happenings as Mr. Matthew is taking more of mommy's time as he's eating SO well. We are very encouraged. Here is a quick run down of todays happenings;

  • Genetics councelor came today to get a family history on Steve and I
  • Matthew had his CT scan done
  • Dr Siedel (neonatologist) rouned, nothing new except they are letting me just breastfeed him and if he doesn't feed for 5 hours, then visit with nurse practitioner about how much to feed in his NG
  • Orthopedic doctor rounded; stated that he isn't worried about any of the skeletal abnormalities, and that we shouldn't be either. Told us what a special baby we have!
  • Dr Puccioni (he put Matthew's shunt in) came through and said CT scan looks good. The neonatologist had origially said that he was worried about a spot in his brain that looked like it wasn't developed, but Dr. Puccioni said that this wasn't even an important structure for kids who have hydrocephalus, that "it's not even needed". He said "nothing to worry about".
  • I accidently pulled Matthew's NG tube (the tube in his nose) out today when I picked him up. At this point we're going to leave it out as we haven't had to use it since 4 am. We're officially tube free!

Tomorrow he'll have his VCUG; which was previously mentioned in the last post. We'll continue to work on feeding and hope they'll let us go soon! I have some pictures to post, but Matthew thinks he needs to eat now, so I'll try and get them on the blog tomorrow.


Sherri said...

What a busy day! Glad to hear everything is going well. Sounds like you'll be home soon!

Kristen said...

That must have been scary when his NG tubed pulled out. When Mike and I held Cayman we were always afraid of pulling something out or off her. There's so many tubes and wires for awhile. How exciting that he is doing so well that he doesn't need that tube anyways! Cayman says "Good job Matthew!! I knew you could do it!"