Thursday, October 29, 2009

A new day

I apologize to all of you for such a late update. I wanted to wait until all the doctors rounded so that I had facts for all of you. Matthew is still in serious but stable condition. He is still intubated and they have him sedated so that his brain can have a rest from the seizures and his body too. I slept very little last night as the two of us (Steve and I) shared a bed the equivelent of a large bench. I was very concerned last night and this morning of his pulmonary status and worried he would get pneumonia again. Ventilators and ICU are not my terrritory or area of expertise and when it's your own baby, it makes it worse. It's a case of knowing just enough to be dangerous and letting your mind wander. In this case sometimes ignorance is bliss. Matthew slept well last night and his nurse was amazing with us. She explained everything to me, in a way both of us could understand..she didn't take for granted that I was a nurse, and taught me just as she would teach any other mother. Last night, I appreciated that more than anything.

This morning, after much praying, many tears, and talking with the intensivist (they are the doc's that work in the ICU) to understand more; I am at peace. I am at peace with what is going on am less fear filled. Here is what we understand
  • Matthew's lung status is good. He has no signs of infection, and he works hard to cough his secretions. He is still doing much of the work of breathing on his own.
  • They will keep him sedated 24-36 more hours to give his brain and body time to rest, before talking about weaning him off of sedation.
  • After lots of communication with Minnesota; the doctors here are following the lead of the Minnesota doctors. They have done another EEG, which shows no seizure activity (!!) and are starting him on a slew of meds. While the epileptologist and I are both not excited about this; he feels this is temporary and we will wean off of some when we feel he is well.

We hope all of these things work as planned and we get our Matthew back soon. He is very puffy right now, but peaceful and resting. We will most likely be here through the weekend, but we are in good hands. If things don't go as planned and he is stable; we may talk about transferring to Minnesota for more extensive seizure evaluation.

Again, I can't tell you all enough how much your kind words, texts and messages mean to me. You all are ministering to me in a way that I could have never imagined. I am in awe and it brings me to tears to think of all the amazing people in our lives who care so much. Even complete strangers are praying for Matthew. You all are amazing. We love you all so much. You have lifted my spirits and held me up. Thank you for lifting Matthew, me and our family up to God. I am reminded of the awesome God we serve! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!


Kristen said...

Our prayers continue for you to all keep hanging in there. Tell Matthew Cayman is missing him and wants him to get better so he can come see her soon.

Michelle said...

Oh, I was so Thankful to read this post. I know that it's still no picnic, but knowing that his mind and body is getting a rest is comforting, and I hope that it means that you and Steve can get some rest too. We won't stop the prayers though until he's home safe and sound again.

Josephine said...

I am so glad to hear that you are now surrounded by attentive and kind doctors and nurses. I'll be praying that the plan they've come up with for Matthew works so that he can be home as soon as possible.

Sherri said...

Jill-thank you so much for the update!!! As I was driving home from work today, I hadn't heard anything yet and was so full of fear. I was trying to just pray through the fear. Then I got a phone notification that you had left a comment on my blog and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief!!! So, thank you!
Great news that the EEG did not show seizure activity. We will continue to pray! Let me know if at any point you are ready for visitors :) You sound SO much more at peace today! Keep us updated!!!

Lisa said...

I am SO relieved that things are looking up. I'll have to call my mom and give her an update as I was just telling her all about Matthew's current condition an hour or so ago. I will continue to keep you close in my thoughts and prayers :)


raintree's village said...

Thank You for updating. We'll be praying for that sweet boy until he's better and outta there for good! Take care of yourself, and againagainagain- let us know if there's anything we can do. I might be over in Omaha this weekend, so really- call if you'd like me to bring something, or whatever. Hugs to you all- Wendy

vickie said...


I just read your blog, and you have been an amazing woman, mother and friend. Everytime I read what you have written, I can't help but think that God has chosen you and Steven to take care of his special children because of the fact that you are strong, smart, caring, and believe that God will be there to help you. Keep up the great work my friend, please please take care of yourself as Matthew needs you, and keep us all updated. I think of you often, and am in wonderment at the woman you are.


Zoe said...

Jill... We continue to pray for Matthew and your family!

Angela said...

Still praying!

I hear ya on the sleeping arrangement. That's how Matthew and I were when Benjamin had his heart surgery. It was ridiculous!

You just hang in there and take it one day, no, one hour, at a time.


Hagens said...

Jill ~ We are praying for Matthew, you and all of your family...and we will continue to keep lifting Matthew up in prayer to our Awesome God!

Love & Prayers,

Michelle said...

Oh and I meant to add - my husband recently went on a massive weight loss program. He's lost 70 pounds since the beginning of the year. He said his inspiration was having to sleep with me on one of those hospital cots!

Just checking in on the little guy before I go to bed. Here's hoping you have a quiet night!

Micah said...

Mom i hope to see you soon. Ive benn praying for matthew every night. Please matthew and mommy come home ans matthew to feel better

Kristen said...

It's another new ya doing? How is the strong little man holding up?