Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday 10-31

All of Matthew's physicians rounded early today, so I can give you an early update. Matthew had a pretty good day yesterday and a peaceful night last night. He did spike a fever last night and one again this morning, so they are going to draw blood cultures. His white count is elevated now too, so this is also an indicator that he has an infection of some sort (I'm guessing a pneumonia, due to when he extubated himself on Thursday). He is on antibiotics and they are giving him Motrin to control the fever.

Matthew's neurologist feels that we can start to wean his sedative today. They have already turned it down 1/3 of the way and we are seeing his little personality come back a bit. He is opening his eyes ever so slightly when we talk to him and looking our direction. He is also trying very hard to lift both of his arms towards his face. (His nurse thinks he'll pull the tube himself before we pull it for him...she convinced he's a strong little dude). He even tried to give daddy a quick little smile.

The intensivist and his entourage (or according to my friend Michelle, a whole pester of doctors...) came and other than the blood cultures and weaning his sedation, they had nothing new to say.

So we are hoping that he will tolerate the sedation being weaned as this sedation had been keeping his seizures at bay. They do believe his other seizure medication (the new ones and the old ones) are up to adequate levels to help him. We are also praying the blood cultures come back negative and the antibiotic he is on helps whatever his body is trying to fight.


Lisa said...

Oh dear, Matthew is going to miss out on all the Trick-or-Treat fun tonight.

Wish him a Happy Halloween from the Sorensons....especially Elisabeth.

Tyler said...

I am glad to hear that Matthew is opening his eyes and giving quick smiles. He is one tough fighter. I will pray that the weaning of sedation will go smoothly and Matthew tolerates it.

I wish your whole family a Happy Halloween!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Kristen said...

Feel better Matthew!

He sure is a fighter!!

Michelle said...

Hee hee...I'm glad the pester of doctors brought a smile to someone else's face too :-)

I'm even more glad to hear that they are trying to wean him off the sedatives. We'll keep praying!

M.W. said...

I am praying for your son and your family.

Josephine said...

Glad to hear that you were seeing little flashes of your sweet boy yesterday! I hope that has continued today, and that the sedative weaning continues to go well.
You'll have to do your own family halloween when you get home so that Matthew gets to wear his costume :)

Angela said...

I'm Kristen/Cayman's cousin...just wanted to let you know your family is in my thoughts and prayers tonight. So happy to hear that Matthew is showing some spunk :) Can't wait for the "We're heading home!" post!